Grégory Dziedzic

Grégory Dziedzic is a French photographer and journalist currently living in the South-West of France. Around the turn of the millennium, in his mid-twenties, he left France for Ireland and became a lost cause to the travel bug. After one year there, a couple back in France, 10 years in Turkey and one in the South of England, he came back to his home city Toulouse in order to settle there with his newly founded family.

A jack-of-all-trades (and a master of a couple), Greg has also ventured into the fields of institutional communication, linguistics and web-design. His current photography projects include the production of compelling pictures for the talented budding Istanbul post-punk band The Young Shaven, an ongoing street candids series and a weird fetish on heavily textured walls splashed or sprayed with bright colours.

Customers and assignment

  • PPS Publications. Routes Chengdu Daily (Chengdu, China, October 2016). Airport Exchange 2015  Conference in Istanbul (8-10 December).
    The Daily at the TFWA World Exhibition and Conference 2015 in Cannes (18-23 October). Airport Business - Autumn Issue 2015. Airport Business - Winter Issue 2014. Airport Business - Autumn Issue 2014.
  • Oxford Business Group. The Report. Gabon 2015, Algeria 2015, Tunisia 2015, Papua New-Guinea 2014, Brunei 2014, Tunisia 2013, Ivory Coast 2013, Gabon 2013, Nigeria 2013, Algeria 2013, Mongolia 2013, Indonesia 2013,  Algeria 2012 and Morocco 2012;
  • The Young Shaven. Perv album cover, 2017.


  • Forbidden words, a 120 x 40 cm framed print of a set of political graffiti pictures related to a recent censorship attempt in Turkey, was purchased in September 2014 by the owner of the Sub Karaköy hotel in Istanbul and is permanently exhibited there;
  • Beyoglu faces, a street photography slideshow presented in IFSAK on May 30th, 2013;
  • Elazig Fotofest 2012 , a photography competition in Elazig, Turkey. A selection of 12 of his photographs of the region exhibited in Turkish cultural centres in Brussels, Lausanne and Vienna;
  • Egilimler ve Yönelimler, a collective exhibition in IFSAK between April 28th and May 26th, 2012.