Grégory Dziedzic

I am a French photographer and journalist currently living in the South-West of France. Around the turn of the millennium, in my mid-twenties, I left France for Ireland and became a lost cause to the travel bug. After one year there, a couple back in France, 10 years in Turkey and one in the South of England, I came back to my home city Toulouse in order to settle there with my newly founded family.

A jack-of-all-trades (and a master of a couple), I have also ventured into the fields of institutional communication, linguistics and web-design. My current photography projects include the production of compelling pictures for the talented budding Istanbul post-punk band The Young Shaven, an ongoing street candids series and a weird fetish on heavily textured walls splashed or sprayed with bright colours.

Customers and assignment

  • PPS Publications. Routes Chengdu Daily (Chengdu, China, October 2016). Airport Exchange 2015  Conference in Istanbul (8-10 December).
    The Daily at the TFWA World Exhibition and Conference 2015 in Cannes (18-23 October). Airport Business - Autumn Issue 2015. Airport Business - Winter Issue 2014. Airport Business - Autumn Issue 2014.
  • Oxford Business Group. The Report. Gabon 2015, Algeria 2015, Tunisia 2015, Papua New-Guinea 2014, Brunei 2014, Tunisia 2013, Ivory Coast 2013, Gabon 2013, Nigeria 2013, Algeria 2013, Mongolia 2013, Indonesia 2013,  Algeria 2012 and Morocco 2012;
  • The Young Shaven. Perv album cover, 2017.


  • Forbidden words, a 120 x 40 cm framed print of a set of political graffiti pictures related to a recent censorship attempt in Turkey, was purchased in September 2014 by the owner of the Sub Karaköy hotel in Istanbul and is permanently exhibited there;
  • Beyoglu faces, a street photography slideshow presented in IFSAK on May 30th, 2013;
  • Elazig Fotofest 2012 , a photography competition in Elazig, Turkey. A selection of 12 of my photographs of the region were subsequently exhibited in Turkish cultural centres in Brussels, Lausanne and Vienna;
  • Egilimler ve Yönelimler, a collective exhibition in IFSAK between April 28th and May 26th, 2012.